Double LoopS®- Innovative & easy to use!

Double LoopS®is an innovative new and patented hair fashion/accessories concept that an increasing number of girls and women are using every day. Through our patented, we have created what is turning out to be one of the most exciting new breakthroughs in hair accessories in decades.

Double LoopS®is primarily for girls and women with medium to long hair and that want to stand out with a different hair accessory than just the traditional ponytail holder or hair clips.
By combining the simplicity of the pony tail holder with our new Double LoopS®, we have created a product that is just as easy to use – but opens up a whole new range of smart and trendy new hairstyles and possibilities – for any occasion whether it is school, sport, party, work or going out and having fun.

Double LoopS®– New invention, not a copy!

The Danish female inventor Vivi Aakjaer has now signed an agreement with Depesche GmbH & Co, the company behinds the famous Diddl mouse. Don't miss the Magicalglitterymarvellous Hairstyle Competition!